PIM Integration with Magento


Product information Management(PIM) system holds centralized data fed from all channel regarding product details and pricing, distributing them across various ecommerce portals and ERP systems. This brings in customer satisfaction and helps accelerate sales even more.


With PIM integration to Magento customer has access to accurate product information and  gains awesome shopping experience, while the integration is a challenging process though. We stay as a connector integrating your Magento Application with PIM to make the process simplified for you.

Features of integration

During this challenging process to integrate Product Information Management to Magento, not all data are distributed to the web portal you may need. We overpass the challenges by rendering a seamless integration and data issuance across web portals you may require.

We look into certain features of this integration to resort the challenges.

  • We manage your data using agility which improves sales through your magento store.
  • Various products can be configured into a single page displayed to your customer eliminating the need to switch between pages.
  • PIM with Magento gives 360 degree view of your products, which customers can dynamically view them.

Advantages of Integration

 Deliver an organised and seamless purchase experience to your customers and gain more returning customers to your web store. Provide product access and information to all persons including users and sales persons so that they expose those information while interacting with customers.

This PIM and Magento integration makes your business recognised as your store overcomes all its shortfall. Your store eliminates the need for managing two different parameters for product management.

Moreover tracking of product data, feeding accurate information to all online channels enhances your business credibility and increases sales conversions. This also helps to market your products through online marketing channels as accurate prices improves Search Engine ranking of your website.

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