Magento with SAP Business One integration


Our Magento with SAP Business One(B1) integration gives you the full advantage of a mind blowing content management and marketing benefits to recreate your ecommerce store.

Indulge your customers with rich data,  enhanced search, allowing to upsell and cross sell products with user friendly front end design.

We accomplish this integration through Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) to get a highly secured solution for your business.

Points of Integration

  •  This real time integration accommodates all channels with information on customers, products, logistics and finance. Customer receives real time pricing availability of products, holds and adds previous orders for easy checkout.
  • Through Magento SAP B1 integration we make process payment process automated and easy with one step download of all payment details from SAP B1 to Magento. Moreover your customer self service themselves with quotations and invoice payments.
  • With Magento SAP B1 integration order processes are automated and eliminates the need to switch between payment gateways and magento.
  • We integrate Magento shipment details to get synced with the SAP B1 shipping method. This user is now self sufficient to view his/her order tracking details in their personalised home page.
  • During this sync process we customize the product details in different languages and currencies accordingly.
  • Magento SAP B1 integration allows multiple eshops connectivity with products and images as fed through pricing list.
  • Even guest users are treated as an entity and their orders too gets synced with SAP B1
  • Magento with SAP B1 allows all the B2B capabilities of holding both generic and customer specific product catalogs relevant to each customer.

On the processing of rendering real time business integration, we make you leap through huge benefits with the scalable and simplified implementation.

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