Magento 2 and SAP integration services


SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) boosts your business regardless of your business size and serves over 20 business industries. SAP- Magento integration powers various businesses with numerous benefits. With this integration, you will put your customers first where they find what they need in their storefront.


Magento’s API is widely integrable with the variety of ERP packages. SAP integrates with Magento to solve the requirements of B2B companies. SAP can be ruled out to personalize what a customer wanted to see or a merchant can be redirected to his preferred online catalog, once they login into magento store. Through this integration, all data in magento is synced with SAP during every update. Your customer is exposed with a real time window for your business data in SAP.

We implement cloud based Magento SAP integration that leverages a new web channel for sales with minimal cost and a secure HTTPS connection.Here is what you should know what you benefit with SAP ERP into Magento integration whether you are B2B and B2C merchant.

Independent user interface –   SAP allows you set your own front-end that suits your business and is completely independent to the SAP Magento integration.

User Accounts –  SAP into Magento integration ensures separate customer accounts for every B2B and B2C customers and sales representatives.

Real time inventory –  AS SAP provides real time information, your customers will get to know the current availability of stock.

Post purchase Customer service – Keep your customers informed with the data they need regarding their orders from shipment to logistics.

Promotional offers and discounts –  Discounts that are personalised and updated in SAP will get reflected during purchase order done in Magento.

Bill Payments –  Your customers can directly pay on SAP with using any payment methods or eCheck.

Checkout process – Magento’s SAP integrated shopping cart makes sure all web transactions are processed in real-time without data inconsistencies.

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