CRM Integrated with Lead Management System


Lead Management system when integrated with CRM, effectively utilizes the customer data to streamline leads through emails, web campaigns, survey forms into one single platform. 

Lead Management system follows  step by step actions to absolute increase of sales with planned and organised customer data from CRM. Every lead got from the above said methods is cultivated and converted as leads. See what follows from these leads extracted from all online sources.

Utilize  potential leads – After potential leads are identified,  sales opportunities are created by collecting custom data from customers relevant to the business requirements. Lead Management application holds them organised in a single dashboard and categorizes later.

Prioritize leads – The next step is to categorize and prioritize lead after lead to leverage sales opportunities to them. Highly focusing on winning leads, improves the chances of conversion rates and hence increase in revenue.

Nurturing the leads – Those successful leads are nurtured with high priority by sending a welcome email and engaging them more on products or services to make them retain as potential customers. In this part lead management system keeps in pace with the customer behavior by sending product emails to make them as returning customers.

Leads Assignment – The lead management helps assign and distribute the leads to the respective prospects and monitors if the lead was successfully closed as purchase orders.

Valuable insights – The Lead management system well equips the CRM with clean and clear insights from customer history and enquiry filters. This information is reported as a single screen to the user.

Track sales opportunities – With those insights and informative reports, sales can be tracked and pipelined through every stage of sales.

Reminder emails  – Lead management system regularly sends reminder emails and sms to keep in pace of the activated leads.

Other Integrations – Lead management features  API and third party plugins integration to enhance sales opportunities.

Improve your sales efficiency with CRM integrated with lead management system.

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