CRM and Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation is the most simple and effective means of customer communication which uses the email and  other customer data for marketing campaigns. 

Benefits of  Integration

CRM gets the input from the marketing automation results where the qualifying leads are processed into database tables for business processes. Integration CRM with marketing automation would be a best choice to lower cost and increase productivity. CRM and Marketing automation integration gives a unified approach to data management.

  This integration curbs the need of tracking and analysing data with two different application. Instead serves as one platform to cater the needs of content management. CRM and marketing automation integration saves all the customer information along with contacts, prime informational data and organises them to serve customer better. The optimized data is now easy to track, report and perform effective marketing operations. The sole purpose of this integration is to bring improved customer relationship by learning customer behaviour and through consistent messaging.

What the merchant gains –

  • Selling products to customers based on  their interests and buying frequency.
  • Cross selling products to existing customers.
  • Customer retention through email follow ups.
  • Closing deals faster with perfect customer service

What the customer gains –

  • Products of their interests and buying frequency hits their inbox with personalized quote.
  • Better customer service and an opportunity to retain their relationship with the merchant.

CRM leaps into all means of marketing campaigns, from calling to social media interactions through link points throughout the customer journey. Scale your business growth with CRM and Marketing automation.

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